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Lincs FM Group
Monday, April 30, 2012

Platformic is the platform of choice to develop and manage new websites for eight of the Lincs FM Group radio stations in the U.K. Platfomic was chosen by the leading local independent broadcast family for its flexibility and broad feature set, including the ability to incorporate blog feeds and social networking and facilitate network content sharing, all at a reasonable cost and short time to market.

"Having established a reputation of offering a quality mix of music, up-to-date local news, competitions and promotions for the past 18 years, we at Lincs FM highly-value our relationships with listeners," said Julie McLaren, Marketing Manager at The Lincs FM Group. "We see Platformic as a powerful tool to more actively engage our online audiences to gain up-to-the minute feedback. We especially like the increased flexibility Platformic gives us to make changes in copy, design and layout all without having to rely on an outside firm."

Since the launch of Lincs FM in 1992, the Lincs FM Group, with stations broadcasting throughout Lincolnshire, the East Midlands and Yorkshire, has become one of the most successful independent radio groups in the country. Several Lincs stations have won awards by leading brands such as Sony and Arqiva.

The new websites powered by Platfomic and launched in only six weeks, are a testament to the flexibility and ease-of-use of the technology. The Lincs FM Group Limited is already capitalizing on many of Platformic's features, including the ability to incorporate podcasts and share content between sites. It also will take advantage of Platformic's most recent addition, SocialSite--a complete, integrated social media creation environment for creating highly-customizable, complex communities to attract and retain website visitors, which can be integrated into any Platformic Enterprise website without requiring code, ftp, manual style sheets or JavaScript.