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University of Florida Launches Multiple Coaches Websites - Leveraging New Tools
Monday, September 27, 2010
Platformic Staff

One of the Gator Coaches Sites

Providing a powerful Internet presence to educate prospective athletes on what it means to be a Gator.

The University of Florida was looking for a powerful way to engage young athletes and educate them on the merits of jointing their athletic departments. Faced with new regulations on how perspective candidates could be approached, developing a stronger web presence was in order.  The Platformic online design and web content management tools fueled the rapid deployment of three exciting new sites:

These new websites leveraged powerful new tools that provide the ability to take 100% control of the way photos and photo galleries are presented. We are pleased to release the following new tools:

  • Content Templates
  • Provides the interface to create layout templates for displaying content such as photo galleries and feed articles to be included in section layouts.

  • Gallery Template
  • This tool helps create the photo gallery template.

  • Gallery 2.0
  • This places a photo gallery using a pre-configured photo template