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Advantages of SaaS
Monday, November 01, 2010

Reduced and Predictable Cost

  • Lower capital expense - implementation costs are significantly lower than developing custom solutions or purchasing and installing proprietary software and hardware.
  • Lower operating expenditures - the cost of upgrading hardware, development, and maintenance is shared by and spread across the entire client base.
  • Lower risk - low upfront cost, little or no staff time to get going, and an already up and running environment avoids most of the risks of selecting and implementing new software. The project will be on-time, and there will be no hardware costs or other infrastructure surprises. If it’s not the right software, you won’t be walking away from a big investment if you choose to make a switch.
  • Reliable cost forecasting - subscription fees are predictable, allowing for IT costs to be forecast over several years.
The burden of having to predict or plan for demand and capacity is taken out of the hands of the customer. Frequent upgrades are possible without the hassle of testing, managing change control, or converting data.

Security and Reliability

Platformic's infrastructure consists of professionally run data centers with full system and database redundancy, load balancing and failover, which leads to better availability and performance. It also utilizes a firewall and intrusion protection. User data and passwords are also encrypted.

Faster Implementation and Frequent Feature Releases

Most users already have the tools they will need. All that is required is a web browser and a connection to the Internet. No additional website development software is needed.

Because of Platformic's modular framework, new features are rolled out within weeks or even days.

Continuous Performance Improvements

One of the ways Platformic delivers a faster, higher quality experience for site visitors is through partnerships with content delivery networks such as Edgecast. Platformic customers benefit from the ongoing research, improvements and upgrades made to the hardware infrastructure, and software optimizations.