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Multi-tier and Modular for Maximum Flexibility
Monday, November 01, 2010
Platformic is multi-tier and modular from top to bottom; from the hardware configuration, the software architecture, and the user interface to the way the content is presented and page layouts are designed.

Platformic's software is designed to accommodate the multi-tier hardware configuration - separation of database, application code, and presentation (web server farm). Hardware upgrades or configuration changes do not affect the code base, allowing an increase in capacity or other maintenance procedures to occur seamlessly.

The application was written to be as modular and extensible as possible. Its foundation is a well-organized structure that favors re-usability and generic code over specific, one-time uses. Development follows Agile Software Principles, which allows Platformic to respond quickly to the rapidly-changing Internet environment and technologies, as well as feature requests and custom development. This enables Platformic to easily offer integration of third party content such as video assets from thePlatform or live data updates from Stats. Taking advantage of Platformic's custom API, web developers can plug in their own PHP or javascript widgets.

This modularity can also be found in the software interface. Features are added as plug in tool modules. Certain features can be turned on or off on a site-by-site basis. Site content and data is stored in the database separately from the presentation and logic, allowing for it to be used in many different contexts or even on different networked sites. Stories can be displayed as headlines and summaries on one part of the site which can be linked to the full content on another page. The same content can be placed into a mobile layout which is automatically served to site visitors by detecting the device being used. The biggest advantage is that users can correct or edit the content only once, in one place, instead of having to keep track of copies all over the site.