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What is CMS?
Friday, November 05, 2010
Content Management Systems (CMS) are chiefly concerned with the publication of web content by a large number of contributors without requiring technical knowledge of HTML code. Access to content is controlled by assigning users permissions and roles. This allows you to set up workflows that include an approval process prior to publishing live on the site.

The cornerstone of Platformic's CMS is the concept of a content feed. The data is stored separately from the presentation mark up and code and is reusable in various formats across the site or a network of sites. For an example, a story can appear on the home page as a headline link, as the full story on a landing page, and a teaser in a mobile layout. The content assumes the look and feel of the page layout that includes it. Revisions can be made in one place and all instances are automatically updated because the content is loaded on demand from the latest version.

Platformic provides a growing list of over 30 tool modules to present your website content. To see details about each one, click on a link below. (Not all tools are listed. Additional tools are available for networked sites or third party integrations. Please contact Sales for more information.)