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What is SocialSiteTM?
Friday, November 05, 2010
Platformic introduces a whole new level of visitor engagement - SocialSite™. With the release of the new SocialSite Social Media Platform, site administrators can easily integrate social networking and social media functions to any Platformic Enterprise website. Website visitors can create their own user profiles, comment, and recommend content to other users. Website visitors can also blog as well as add their own rich media content, including photo galleries and video. Site members can invite their friends and send messages to each other based on customizable privacy settings. Comments, recommendations, and ratings, like all other user-generated content, are associated with each SocialSite People profile and can be found by using Platformic’s SiteSearch. SiteSearch displays ALL of your article-based, user-based, and rich-media content when you conduct a single, straight-forward search.