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What is an OWDE?
Friday, November 05, 2010
Platformic's patented site designer interface is also referred to as an online web development environment (OWDE). Eliminating the need for website coding software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Platformic generates validated HTML and CSS code in the background as you work on page layouts using mostly point-and-click.

Platformic page layouts are divided into columns and rows. Each unit within the column or row is referred to as a "div." One of the standout features of Platformic's layout builder is the ability to upload an Adobe Photoshop mock up or a jpg screenshot of an existing site and carve up the layout using it as a guide. No guess work or measuring needed. Once a layout is created, it can be cloned over and over again and used as a template to rapidly reproduce the same look and feel across the site.

Div properties such as color and layout, content type, and associated data are controlled by a floating control panel. Content is stored separately from the presentation mark up, allowing you to reuse it in many places on the site in various formats. The content type and the display options are assigned to divs using tool modules.

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