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Specific Benefits
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Site owners, and the groups they distribute to, can set up a content distribution network to create, deploy and track content.

The results are:
  • Creation of network content feeds or “content buckets” allowing participants of the network to leverage the creative assets of the company
  • Participants can “subscribe” to the network feeds and elect to have content automatically appear on their properties
  • Content publishers and editors can gain a global view of the content that is being created for the organization
  • Ideas for new content angles can be exchanged, along with how they can be applied to the local markets the company serves
  • Participants of the network that may be short-staffed are supported by providing content for their properties
  • Content managers have the ability to check subject lists, or when relevant, lets them know when stories and/or comments are added to articles or blogs
  • End-users are enabled to share information with their friends and social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others), SMS and email; then potentially leverage those comments across the network