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Extended Network Features
Thursday, November 11, 2010
Networked sites have additional features not available to single sites. These features fall under the extended features category.

Some of the more popular tools are:
  • Network Content and Local Content Features
    These allow sites to share layout segments called building blocks. For example, a network may want to share the same sidebars or certain page content. The local content tool allows the individual site to insert site-specific content into the network segment. The network content can be updated once and the new version will be automatically retrieved by all of the sites sharing it.
  • Network Text, Video, and Podcast Feeds
    Content that is added to feeds designated as network is available to the entire network. Change control is owned by the originating site.
  • Attach Content to Feeds
    This feature allows a networked site locate relevant content from another site and either make an editable copy or link to the original story.
  • Network Ad Campaigns
    Platformic's built-in ad server is network ready. Specific sites can included in a campaign.