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Platformic Welcomes Alpha Broadcasting
Monday, November 21, 2011
Platformic welcomes Alpha Broadcasting ( to the Platformic family of customers. Alpha Broadcasting, owner-operator of 6 radio stations in Portland, Oregon, trusts Platformic Content Management Software to power its network of websites.  At the top of Alpha’s wish list are features and functionality that deliver engaging, interactive websites and truly increase value to the bottom line. Platformic’s CMS synchs up with Alpha’s wishes by leveraging the company's network content, building a community around its radio personalities, and providing a content editor that empowers non-technical users to contribute/edit live and local content.  Alpha Broadcasting joins a long list of broadcasters and media companies who rely on Platformic's Online Web Development Environment to manage its network of websites.

Alpha Broadcasting's Network of Relaunched Websites Powered by Platformic!

KXL (101.1 FM)
KUFO (970 AM)
KXTG (750 AM)
KUPL (98.7 FM)
KINK (101.9 FM)
KBFF (95.5 FM)