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Design that's more than just a pretty face...

Our design team focuses on designing sites that not only look great, but create a highly user-friendly experience for you and your visitors.  While many design firms can create a beautiful look to a site, our designers take it a step further by knowing the ins-and-outs of all of the tools available in the Platformic system to design focused on functionality and ease of use in addition to attractive and engaging layouts.  

With experience designing for a variety of industries and applications, our design team understands the differences between traditional print design and interactive web design.  This allows us to create a balance between presenting information in a clear and consise layout, while engaging the user with a site that is visually unique and appealing.

Design is not a one way process.  We'll work closely with you to develop the look and feel you desire, while identifying key content and functionality to be included in every page.