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Sports Media
Leading sport media companies rely on Platformic to manage their online presence. Our powerful and flexible tools empowers our clients to deliver and manage feature rich websites in a fraction of the time it would take using other tools. Our extensive relationships with video management companies and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) provide additional resources to deliver the property that your brand deserves.
Radio Stations
Our foundation is in the radio business, from the CTO to the majority of our staff. In the past, many of our customers had to use multiple tools and various vendors to deliver the web property their listeners expected. With Platformic, all the tools you need are built in and easily used by all staff members. Working with Platformic gives your organization access to years of experience and best practices gained from launching hundreds of radio properties.
Business Websites
Our web content management system can be used by any size organization. During your project, you will be assigned a program manager that will help launch your site and train you on how to use our system. In no time at all, the power will be put in your hands to update your site right through your browser. But if you do need help, we are always standing by to provide support.
Social Websites
Organizations are looking for ways to increase visitor engagement by interacting with site content and other visitors/users of their sites. To power this engagement, Platformic offers a tool called SocialSite that allows seamlessly integration of social networking and social media functions into any Platformic website. Website visitors can create user profiles, comment, and recommend content to each other or to their external social networks. Integration with Facebook Connect and Twitter further powers social engagement of your content, fueling more traffic back to your site. Some of our customers are using SocialSite as the "hub" of their internet presence.