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"Each of our networks serves as a bridge between sports fans and their favorite local teams, and this technology helps us make that bridge as short as possible. Sports fans today have access to more information than ever before, so our ability to get the latest breaking news and updates to fans first is a huge competitive advantage for us. Our correspondents are able to use the Mobile Blogging Tool to file instant reports from training camp, draft day, road games, or wherever the news takes them, and our audience can connect with us and each other, creating the most robust online sports community in each of our markets."
Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer
Comcast Sports Group
"It is very important for us at Comcast Sports Group to be a leader in leveraging the web to further interact, and build bonds, with our customers. From the successful implementation of rich and social media functionality, including video, blogs and podcasts, to mobile communications, our goal is to give customers the information they want in the format they prefer. Platformic has been instrumental in accomplishing these goals. It also addresses the needs of all of our stations, from those with a high level of Web expertise to those that have fewer resources or may be less tech-savvy, which is why the decision to go with Platformic's intuitive technology was an easy choice."
Vice President Business Development and Digital Strategies
NBC Sports
"What really stood out about Platformic, from all of the other tools we looked at, was the level of flexibility to build professional, clean looking sites that are easy to navigate, and back end tools that can be easily used by a number of people from program directors, to promotions assistants, to web designers. We have about 10 people on staff that are able to easily update content and keep info fresh and relative to what we are doing. Feedback from listeners has been extremely positive."
Chief Operating Officer
Peak Broadcasting
"Big web development companies have a lot invested in the status quo. That's why a  smaller company such as Platformic runs past them at lighting speed. Platformic offers a brilliant content management system which is especially sweet for media companies. Upload your video once... the site converts it to flash... and then you post it on multiple pages! Want a website live in 30-days? No problem. In fact, I don't think the word "problem" exists in the Platformic lexicon. Test drive Platformic and see for yourself what made me a believer."
VP, Digital Media
Comcast SportsNet - Washington
NBC Sports Group
"Of all the CMS solutions we evaluated, Platformic had far and away the most robust featureset. Polls, video, registration, it's all there. Of everything, the most compelling factor was the speed to market. With Platformic, Tribune was able to relaunch our network of 23 TV station sites in just 60 days. No one else even came close. In addition, their follow through and support after launch has been simply superb. Just calling it "Professional" doesn't cover it, it's top notch."
Former VP of Innovations
"We can do podcasting, video blogging, contests -- everything we need for our stations. The product is awesome, the support is great and you won't find a better value than Platformic, either. Platformic understands what we do and its solutions help our programming/content, promotions, marketing and sales departments do it better to keep our audience interested, involved and interacting with our brand."
Marketing Director
Broadcast Company of the Americas
Here at the Platformic blog it's a pretty loose forum. While I don't really think that anyone is going to post a blog about their cats (well, maybe Eric might ...) we post about a range of stuff that might be of interest to a client of a CMS or someone looking to work on websites and although Platformic does not provide graphic design services we do work with a host of people who might be interested in graphics and for certain who at some times might use Photoshop so I wanted to share something that I learned today which blew me away (and I have been using Photoshop for 15 years now!)
Google recently announced that it has acquired a social RSS service called Postrank which is a huge indication of their commitment to their social strategy. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this move is an indicator that social media and services continue to have a very big impact on the web as we know it today. The future will surely continue down the social road.

So what does Postrank do anyway? Here's a quote straight form their web site on the subject:

"Our platform tracks where and how users engage, and what they pay attention to " in real-time. PostRank social engagement data measures actual user activity, the most accurate indicator of the relevance and influence of a site, story, or author."
As sure as the sun will rise in the morning, your site users are going to end up hitting a 404 error page at some point or another. But what you provide them when they hit that pages can actually tell a lot about your site, and can help turn your what is technically a fail for the user into a win, if done properly.

By definition (remember when definition was pulled from encyclopedia rather than wikipedia? I guess I am dating myself somewhat here), a 404 page is:

"The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find what was requested. 404 errors should not be confused with "server not found" or similar errors, in which a connection to the destination server could not be made at all. A 404 error indicates that the requested resource may be available again in the future."